Giants in the Valley

There is one thing I know for sure! Life happens and circumstances soon follow. The question is, what am I going to do with those circumstances? Sometimes I can change them, sometimes I can’t. One thing I know for sure is, that I do not want to get under them. I must stay on top of them because if  I do not, I am going to wake up one morning asking the question, “Lord, how did I end up in this valley? Life was going along so smoothly and then the bottom fell out! Now I am down here looking up! The worst part is, I am not alone! There are giants down here with lurking shadows casting fear, doubt and despair everywhere. How on earth am I going to fight them? I do not have five smooth stones and a slingshot. Even if I did, I would not know how to use it.

Lord, you were with David, please be with me. I do not know the way out Lord. There seems to be crossroads everywhere. What if I keep going around in circles? Lord, you know I get lost in a bucket. I am extending my hand out to you in trust Lord. Please take it and walk through this valley with me. As long as you are with me the shadows cannot harm me! Please Lord, be my guide and show me the way out of this valley.”

Yes, our minds can play all kind of tricks on us when the circumstances become bigger than we are. We must remember that God is bigger than our circumstances. He does not give up on us, why do we give up on Him? Faith cannot be found in a storefront window. Sometimes we have to walk in the valley of life to find it. When we find ourselves in a valley we must step out in faith. Winston Churchill once said, “If you are in a living hell, keep moving, do not stay there.” I am not telling you to run away from your problems, but to run to the Lord for help. If you ask Him to fight the battles with you, He will make a way when there seems to be no way. With God all things are possible. In fact, with the Lord at your side, there is not a valley too low or a mountain too high that you both cannot climb together.

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4 Responses to Giants in the Valley

  1. Diana says:

    Very well put and soooooo true!!! Love, Diana😊

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