The Call to Higher Ground

As I sit in the quiet of the morning, I hear a whisper calling within. I start to become uneasy because I have heard this whisper before.  A whisper of my spirit calling me to higher ground. “Sandy, it’s time to climb the next rung on your ladder of faith!  But Lord, aren’t I doing enough? I am teaching your Word and writing this blog and so on and so on. As I voice the words, I know in my heart of hearts He is calling me higher. I could argue with Him until the cows come home, but I know in the end I will go and do whatever it is, because I not only love Him, I trust Him!

I know it is time to quit hiding behind the walls of mediocre and climb the next rung on my ladder of faith. I know from experience I can only climb as high as my faith will take me. I ask the question again, “how big is my God? I ask that because that determines how high I climb. How do I know this? Well, it all started the day I wrote a simple little prayer at the end of my testimony.

“Oh Father, please help me reach as many cancer patients and hurting people as I can. I need to show them the way to their Savior’s arms. I shudder when I think how I would have gone to hell at the age of 18 if the cancer had brought about my death.  I knew you had died for others on the cross, but I didn’t know you had died for me!  Give me the guidance to do what it is that You want me to do. Let me be able to show them that they are King’s kids, Heirs to His throne. They do not need to go around gobbling like turkeys. They do not need to look down, pecking at the dirt. All they will find there is fear and self-pity. Let them hear me when I tell them to “look up!” Let them be able to see on a hill far away stands an old rugged cross, and that is where they will find their HOPE.”

Isaiah 40:31

“Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.”

After that prayer, my walk with the Lord has been an ongoing  journey! He has brought me through the valley of  “end-of-self”, the valley of pain, despair and  loneliness, but never through the valley of defeat. He would swoop down in the valley like an eagle and carry me to the top of the mountain with the wind beneath His wings.

So you see, it was down in the valleys, that I learned where my help came from! I no longer let the shadows of doubt or fear stop me from doing what the Lord asks me to do. When He asks me to climb higher, I grab hold of His wings and we soar higher together, leaving the fears and doubts behind.

All this to say: Quit pecking at the dirt. “Look up!” The Lord can and will use you if you come out from behind the walls of mediocre and climb the next rung on you ladder of faith! He will go with you every step of the way to places you never imagined.

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