Heroes Come In All Shapes and Sizes

“Dad, I do not think I can do this! They are going to stare at me and think I am a freak! Please, take me home.” ‘Sandy, we have already discussed this. They might stare at you at first, but once they get to know you, they will not even notice. It is time to take the next step. You cannot stay hidden at home forever. Just remember what I said: I saw a man who had no feet, then I saw a man who had no shoes. It looks to me like you have both feet and shoes, now get out of the car.” Those words still echo in my ears and it has been 49 years since my father spoke them. I told him he was downright mean! As he drove off, I knew there was nothing else to do but enter the building. I was so scared I was numb, but I  kept putting one foot in front of the other until I reached the door. Once I turned the knob, there was not turning back!

I had just recovered from surgery for cancer of the tongue. I was 18 with five teeth in my head (they had to pull them for the radiation treatments) and it would be two years before I could wear dentures. They had left me five teeth, so my mouth would not sink in like Grandma Moses. I was not a pretty sight by any means! Not only did I not have enough teeth to smile, but I was red from my nose down because of the radiation.  My dad  had enrolled me in business college and was determined I was not going to sit around the house and feel sorry for myself. He thought it was time for me to pick up the broken pieces of my life and make a new one. He said I had to accept the fact that life happens and there are some things you can change and some things you can’t.

Now, as I look back, I see that he was being a hero in the disguise of being a father. He loved me enough to be tough, when deep down his heart was breaking. It took courage for him to speak those words, knowing I did not have the maturity to understand what he was doing. My father was a man of few words, but when he spoke, we knew to listen. I had to remember that my father knew what it was like to be different and laughed at by others. When he was eight years old, he had a tumor on the brain and had to wear a helmet for many months. He knew from experience how self-pity can move in and steal your hope. He was determined that was not going to happen to me. He knew I had to keep going to prove to myself that my life wasn’t over.

Yes, heroes come in all shapes and sizes and everyone of us has the potential of being one! All we have to do is have the strength to pick up the broken pieces, dust ourselves off and keep going no matter what. We have to realize until God calls us home, He is not finished with us yet. He will give us the strength to make it, but we have to do our part. We cannot let the fear inside of us become bigger than our faith, because faith develops strength. It is the inner strength that gives others hope. We need to nurture that strength and cast the weakness aside. Before we know it, we realize we can make it! All we have to do is look down and see that if we have both feet and shoes, no one that can stop us but ourselves!

Yes, my father became my hero because he let me discover there is a little bit of heroes an all of us if we persevere and keep going.  Little did I realize one day someone would tell me I was a hero. My youngest daughter Bridgette slipped a note in my hand and it made such an imprint on my heart, it will be there forever!

“My Hero, My Mother”

My hero is my mother,

She is very brave.

I will love her like no other

Pass my dying day.

My mom fought cancer when she was young.

They thought she was going to die.

But she knew her life had just begun, and

dying to her, was a lie.

She never gave up on her life.

She fought it all the way through.

It might have caused her a lot of strife,

but it was worth it, this she knew.

She taught me to love life in a very special way

She will always be my hero pass my dying day!

So you see, there is indeed a hero in all of us! “Thanks Dad and I am sorry for calling you mean! You were indeed my hero!”

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13 Responses to Heroes Come In All Shapes and Sizes

  1. Lee R Shelton says:

    Oh dear sweet Sandy,
    Once again you have reached in and touched our heart strings. God has given you the ability to make sweet music deep within the soul. It stirs us to high places and caused us to soar in places where only Eagles can. But most of all you resonate within the bounds of love that only the Master of our Souls can take us through His Spirit.
    A friend once told me that when God wants good wine He first has to crush the grapes. Oh how our Savior has gently crushed you and you now are poured out as a bold burgundy to delight the palettes of mere mortals.
    Thanks for sharing the results of your crushed grapes with us.
    Fellow traveler with you through His earthly vineyard.


    • sandyd748 says:

      I think your words were the sweetest ones anyone has ever told me! Thank you so much for that! I truly nelieve in my heart of hearts we were planted in the same vineyard! You too have been crushed and have definitely made your Savior proud! What a true witness you are and it just goes to show that no one can keep s good man down! You are truly standing tall in so many hearts!


  2. Kim Shaner says:

    Thank you Sandy for this article!


  3. Beautiful, Sandy. Thanks for sharing this story from your journey.


  4. James DeCarlis says:

    Special. Thank you. Joe

    Sent from my iPad



  5. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful Sandy, thanks for sharing. You must have raised an amazing daughter , she learned from the best!


    • sandyd748 says:

      Well, that sure was a nice response! Thank you! Both my daughters have truly been a blessing! I did my best to be a good mom but I wish I could have some redo’s!


  6. Diana says:

    Dear Sandy, How right your dad was. It brought tears to my eyes. I for one am very glad you didn’t give up as I would not have had the blessing of meeting and knowing you. I’m sure you are an inspiration to many! Thank you for sharing. Love, Diana😊

    Sent from Diana’s iPad


  7. LINDA CARAWAY says:

    Sandy, It occurred to me as I read your article that what many only know as a cliche, you have lived. I thank God for your ongoing, transparent testimony of His grace and mercy in your life. You will only know in glory the true value of giving your all for Him and those who He has put within your scope of influence. I pray your joy will be deep and sustaining as you meet each new challenge. Love in Christ, Linda


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