Splinters of Hope – How one woman found a splinter of hope in the dark depths of cancer!

Sandy can prove there is life after cancer (even with the scars) for she became a victim of this disease at the age of 18.  She tells others, “If I would have died, I would have gone straight to hell because I did not have a clue that Jesus died for me.  He was just a man in a book who I heard about on Sundays.”

Sandy’s heart’s desire is to help and encourage the hurting people in our world today.  She wants to do more than hand them a band-aid.  She wants to write kindness, love and mercy on their hearts and give rest to their weary souls.

Sandy and her husband Hank have been married 45 years.  They have two beautiful daughters and 7 precious grandchildren. Hank served in the Marine Corps for 23 years while Sandy did her best to make every house they moved into a home!  She had to learn to bloom where she was planted.

She has seen loved ones come and go and knows that faith is the only way to make it.  She watched her mother deteriorate with Alzheimers and has had to accept things she cannot change.  She wants others to know when they seek God with all their hearts He will listen and show them the plans He has for them, plans to give them a hope and a future.

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  1. Julie Farris says:

    Sandy, what a blessing to have access to your testimony to share with others!! I remember you well and how the radiance of our Lord shone through you brightly!! We were on the same Precept trip to Isreal in 1998 and I have seen you at PMI headquarters in Chattanooga since then. Thank you for brightening my day already as the sun comes up in Corinth,MS!!
    Love to you in Jesus!!!
    Julie Farris


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